Safety for men and machines

DINA Elektronik GmbH has been working successfully since 25 years in the field of industrial electronics
and is one of the top leader in safety engineering for machines and plants.

We support you in compliance with the EC machinery directive.
We implement your specific requirements.

1987   Foundation of DINA Elektronik GmbH by Dirar Najib.
Office and workshop were located in the residential house.
Custom electronic components were developed and produced.

Design of the first safe standstill and motion monitoring system  
1989  Design of the standstill and motion monitoring system DNDS Kompakt
One and two axles can be monitored.
The existing drive measurement system can be used to monitor the axle speed  
1995  DINA relocates to Filderstadt.
A new technology for drive monitoring in different operation modes was introduced.
One unit monitors up to 6 axles.
Design of the DINA cable adaptors for a fast connection between the drive measurement system and the motion monitoring system DNDS.
Integration of the measurement system interpretation electronic in the motion monitor.  
1998  Design and launch the modular motion monitoring system DNDS Modular.
Up to 8 axles can be monitored in different operation modes.
To detect the axle speed proximity switches, incremental or resolver measurement system can be employed.  
1999  Launching of the safety system DNSFT.
Safety function as emergency stop, permission, safety cover and other safety functions are available in one unit.  
2000  DINA relocates into the company owned new site in Wolfschlugen.
Extension of DNDS Modular with additional in- and output modules
Design of different custom specific electronic components.  
2004  Launching of DNDS Modular in metal housing.  
2005  A new building was added on.

Presentation of the free configurable modular safety system SafeLine
at the Hannover exhibition and the SPS in Nürnberg.
Continous extension of the SafeLine features. 
2007  Launching of the standstill monitor DN3PS2 and phase monitor DN3PW  
2008  Presentation of the product series TempLine at the SPS exhibition in Nürnberg,
cascadable units to regulate and monitor temperature
Up to 1024 temperature sources can be regulated and monitored.
Configuration software is available.  
2009  A residential building in the neighbourhood was bought and remodeled.
Launching the advanced configuration software SafeLine Designer 2.  
2011  Presentation of the product series SL VARIO at the SPS Exhibition in Nürnberg.
A modular, free configurable, expandable and multifunctional safety system.
All needed safety functions are integrated.  

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